Our Workshops

Community Band

Every Thursday 3 – 5pm

Our community band is an inclusive offering open to all ages and any ability. We can help you learn an instrument, play songs together and form new friendships. This session starts at 3pm with half an hour at the start for tea and coffee.

When: Every Thursday 3 – 5pm (Doors open 2:30pm)
Where: The Edge – Main Hall

MusicAtTheEdge plays live music at Brixham Library

Rock Band (Jam Night)

Every Thursday 6 – 9pm

Join our weekly rock band workshop for 16-25 year olds and immerse yourself in the world of music. Experience the thrill of playing in a band as you collaborate with fellow musicians, honing your skills and exploring your passion for rock. From jam sessions to learning techniques, this workshop offers a dynamic platform to unleash your musical potential. Join us and let the power of rock music ignite your creativity every week.

When: Every Thursday 6 – 9pm
Where: The Edge – Main Hall

Drum Circle

Every Monday 12 – 2pm

Designed for beginners, no musical experience is required; simply bring your curiosity and enthusiasm. Our experienced practitioners will guide you through the basics, helping you find your rhythm and explore the power of percussion. You’ll learn foundational techniques and discover the transformative energy of drumming. Join us each week and unlock your inner musician, as you connect, create, and find your unique voice in the mesmerizing world of drumming.

When: Every Monday 12 – 2pm
Where: The Edge – Main Hall